chaincode invoke is succesful but i can't see database and data into couchdb #fabric-questions

Kumari Shweta

Hi Team,
I have hlf2.2 setup(3 orgs).all orgs are on three different ec2 instances.
As per my requirement ,2 orgs should be required for i have customized endorsement policy in configtx
(lifecycle endorsement and applicaiton endorsement).
            Type: Signature
            Rule: AND('Org1MSP.peer','Org2MSP.peer',,'Org3MSP.peer') 
            Type: ImplicitMeta
            Rule: "MAJORITY Endorsement"
Chaincode invoke is succesful but not able to see database and data in couchdb.
while from cli, i can see data.
Any suggestion on endorsement.Pls let me correct.


Hello, Kumari:

A few things I would like to run by you:

1.  Did you expose Port 5984? In general, CouchDB databases are configured by default to NOT expose that port to the outside world.  If you want to see your data in Futon, you would have to expose the port using port mapping or another method.  For example, if your database is in a Docker container, you would have to expose the port by typing in 

docker run -d -p 5984 f6b23wat5 

...where f6b23... is the container ID for Docker.

2.  In your CLI, when you run 

curl -X GET http://couchdbuser:couchdbpass@....0.1:5984/_all_dbs you see a list of the default databases and yours you created in JSON format?  Or do you see just the default ones (like replicator and users, for example)?

3.  Did you make yourself an admin in CouchDB by adding your credentials in the local.ini file CouchDB provides upon installation?


Just a few things to consider.  Good luck.