Pre-release of new Fabric Gateway client API for Fabric v2.4

Mark Lewis

A v0.2.0 pre-release version of the new fabric-gateway client API for use with Fabric v2.4 has been published/tagged. This makes use of the new Fabric Gateway service in v2.4 peers, and provides completely consistent functionality to applications written in Go, Node and Java. Provided no stop-ship issues are identified, this is what we are planning to release alongside Fabric v2.4 as a supplement to the existing SDKs so please feel free to try it out and provide feedback.

GitHub Repository:
Node npm package:
Java package in Maven Central:

(As I type it hasn't made its way into the Maven Central search index but it published to the repository)

Mark Lewis

Just a note that a current (development) build of the Fabric peer is required to run the v.0.2.0 pre-release of the fabric-gateway client API. It will not work with the Fabric v2.4 beta release. There is a 'make pull-latest-peer' Makefile target in the fabric-gateway repository that will pull down and tag the latest peer images from Hyperledger Artifactory, where development builds and Docker images are published.