New user registration fails #affiliations #fabric-ca #fabric-ca-client #hyperledger-fabric


When trying to register a new user on one of our Organizations, in this case, organization "MedicOrg" (with its corresponding MSP, certs, peers and CAs), I get the following error where an admin is enrolled, but the user for some reason can't get registered.

Docker logs from ca_medicorg:
Received registration request from medicorgadmin: { Name:9caad068-c7d8-467f-8cc6-f8b97ce93e7e Type:client Secret:**** MaxEnrollments:1 Affiliation:medicorg.department Attributes:[] CAName:ca-medicorg  }
2021/11/18 13:36:28 [DEBUG] canRegister - Check to see if user 'medicorgadmin' can register
2021/11/18 13:36:28 [DEBUG] Checking to see if caller 'medicorgadmin' can act on type 'client'
2021/11/18 13:36:28 [DEBUG] Checking to see if caller 'medicorgadmin' is a registrar
2021/11/18 13:36:28 [DEBUG] Registrar is not allowed to register user '9caad068-c7d8-467f-8cc6-f8b97ce93e7e': Failed to verify if user can act on type: 'medicorgadmin' is not a registrar
2021/11/18 13:36:28 [INFO] POST /api/v1/register 403 76 "Registration of '9caad068-c7d8-467f-8cc6-f8b97ce93e7e' failed"
This might have something to do with the organization affiliations but I'm not entirely sure. Just in case, this is my current affiliation configuration on fabric-ca-server-config.yaml
- department
Log from the application api:
All help is very much appreciated!