Fabric Contributor Meeting - October 13, 2021

David Enyeart

Hyperledger Fabric Contributor Meeting

When: Every other Wednesday 9am US Eastern, 13:00 UTC

Where: https://zoom.us/j/5184947650?pwd=UE90WHhEaHRqOGEyMkV3cldKa2d2dz09

Agendas and Recordings: https://wiki.hyperledger.org/display/fabric/Contributor+Meetings


Agenda for October 13, 2021

- Fabric Strategic Priorities survey results - Dave Enyeart

- Kubernetes Test Network - Josh Kneubuhl

The Kubernetes Test Network re-establishes the Hyperledger test-network as a cloud native application.


- Provide a simple, one click activity for running the Fabric test network.
- Provide a reference guide for deploying production-style networks on Kubernetes.
- Provide a cloud ready platform for developing chaincode, Gateway, and blockchain apps.
- Provide a Kube supplement to the Fabric CA Operations and Deployment guides.
- Support a transition to Chaincode as a Service.
- Support a transition from the Internal, Docker daemon to External Chaincode builders.
- Run on any Kube.