Fast way of restarting Fabric v2 network for development? #fabric #docker



I would like to know what is the fastest way of developing chaincode and fabric-node-sdk with fabric v2 at the same time?

For now we are using `fabric-samples/test-network` but it's starting over 3 minutes (using CouchDB, with some sed-ing in `test-network/scripts/` for pointing it to our folder with chaincode, and copying generated certificate files to our rest api folder).

I would like to have really fast restart of our whole backend for development, we are using typescript for rest api to communicate between frontend and blockchain.
Now we simply restart only rest api on its code change (with ts-node-dev) but I would like to restart everything every time (so also restart everything on chaincode change).
So I'm looking for fast way of starting whole blockchain part (something that start in under 10 seconds).

I see there is `fabric-samples/chaincode-docker-devmode` but as I can see it's only for developing chaincode part (so not good for my needs, but it's starting fast).
There is also Network Launcher ( but it's only for Fabric v1 so also not useful for me.

Is there any other way for developing everything and that is fast to restart?

With best regards,

Dobroslaw Zybort