Hyperledger Fabric Samples Workgroup - Tuesday June 16

David Enyeart

Hyperledger Fabric Samples Workgroup

When: Tuesdays 10am US Eastern / 14:00 UTC

Where: https://zoom.us/my/hyperledger.community.3

A few of us have been working on the next generation of Fabric samples and tutorials, and we've decided to organize the work into a workgroup in hopes of getting additional participation and feedback. Join in on the discussion every Tuesday and contribute your ideas and skills if you are able! The next call will be this Tuesday June 16th.

Background and Status

One of the first goals of the workgroup is to create a logical series of samples and tutorials to demonstrate core Fabric concepts and application patterns. In some cases existing samples will be groomed and retired in favor of improved samples, in other cases new samples will be added. We've already merged the first two samples in the series:


The basic sample is intended for new users and will allow us to coalesce and retire several existing but overlapping beginner samples, while the secured agreement sample demonstrates some of the new application patterns available in v2.x with implicit private data collections. Look for asset-transfer-private-data and asset-transfer-ledger-queries samples to come next. As the names indicate, each sample will focus on an area of Fabric or an application pattern, so that users can easily find a good reference sample. The existing tutorials will also be updated to reference the new samples.

Next calls

With the initial sample chaincodes progressing well, the next workgroup calls will focus more on the sample SDK applications. We'd also like to hear about other samples ideas. Please join if you can!

Dave Enyeart