Node sdk 2.0/2.1 - Removed Admin Operation

Nicholas Leonardi

Hey fabric community,

Can anyone explain why that admin operations in the node sdk we're removed 
in version 2.x? 

Mark Lewis

Somebody else might have a better answer by from my personal perspective...

The amount of code and functionality that has to be maintained across multiple language SDKs is considerable, and there's a finite amount of contributor effort available to achieve that. Admin operations are well served by the CLI commands, which can be scripted or even invoked from within code. It is pragmatic to focus development effort on the SDKs to their core capability, which is allowing business applications to interact with deployed chaincode.

For the Node SDK specifically, the internals were significantly rearchitected for the v2 release. It wasn't practical to reimplement all of the admin capability for the v2.x release. Applications developed for v2 have the option of driving CLI commands from code, which is how the automated scenario tests for the SDK work. I have seen one community member building their own utility code to drive admin operations directly to Fabric using gRPC too, which is perfectly valid. For v1.4 applications looking to migrate forward then the v1.4 fabric-client package should continue to work with Fabric v2 provided the old (non-Lifecycle) chaincode deployment features are available.