Hyperleger Fabric 2.0 -Life cycle endorsement with “Any Majority” is not working. #fabric-questions

Kumari Shweta

Chain code life cycle endorsement is not working when following changes made in configtx.yaml.

    Type: ImplicitMeta
    Rule: "ANY Endorsement"
    Type: ImplicitMeta
    Rule: "ANY Endorsement"

Network contains:

  • one ordering service cluster with five orderers running Raft
  • three organizations (Org1, Org2 and Org3), each of which has one peer (peer0)
  • one channel mychannel is created, and peers in all organizations join the channel

Package SACC into chaincode package

  • Install chaincode package to peers of all the three organizations
  • Org1 approves chaincode package, and tries to commit the chaincode. It fails and getting Endorsement policy error.

But chain code should be commited as LifecycleEndorsement has "Any Endorsement" rule.