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I tried to register & enroll a user with the name 苏南 on Fabric-CA. The registration is getting successful but getting below error during enrollment.

error: [FabricCAClientService.js]: Failed to enroll 苏南, error:%o message=Enrollment failed with errors [[{"code":0,"message":"asn1: invalid UTF-8 string"}]], stack=Error: Enrollment failed with errors [[{"code":0,"message":"asn1: invalid UTF-8 string"}]]

The error clearly says that the letters are not supported in UTF-8 encoding. Can I change the default encoding while enrolling? If yes, which enoding scheme do I've to use to support Chinese letters?

Also, I tried to create a CSR and then a certificate using OpenSSL utility with Chinese letters in CN(CommonName). I was successfully able to create a certificate. So it seems like the issue is with the fabric-ca-client SDK. Is there any way I can add Chinese letters in a certificate while enrolling a user on Hyperledger Fabric?