Best configuration to implement Decentralization and complete trust in Hyperledger, through Business + tech Perspective. #fabric #fabric-questions


How to implement decentralization + trust in the following scenario 

An organization A wants to set up a Hyperledger network using which organizations 1,2 and 3 can transact which each other in a decentralized way with trust and company A wants to charge a commission on what every "value" transaction that takes place between the three organization. and only company A should be allowed to add and remove an organization basically company owns the network but it is decentralized and can be trusted by organizations 1,2,3.


So what should be the configuration of the network to implement this scenario? i.e

1) What role should the organization A have? what should the organization A need to have to own the network?
2) Who all should be made the endorser, root CA, MSP, etc?
3) (main doubt) what should be the config for the ordering service? who all should participate in it?
4) If later on more new organizations join the network and form new channels then will there be any change in the architecture?
5) Would org A have to be part of every channel to keep a monitor on the transactions in order to charge the commission?

Last but the main question- is it possible that a 3rd party organization makes and owns a network and charges commission at the same time keeping it decentralized and trusted for the participant organizations.