Hyperledger Fabric Application Developer Community call - today's call is cancelled - the next is Thursday Nov 28th

Paul O'Mahoney <mahoney@...>

hi folks,

please note that today's Fabric Application Developer Community call is cancelled -  the content and presenters I had lined up deemed it better to wait for the next call,  to show/demonstrate a more complete story for the topics being presented.

therefore,  the next scheduled FADC call  is  Thursday Nov 28th @ 4pm UTC (4pm UK) - 11am ET (-5), 8am PT(-8)  see time zones.

if you have any questions or issues, please let me know

best regards
Paul O'Mahony
Community Lead - Hyperledger Fabric Developer Community
RocketChat:  mahoney1

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Date:        11/11/2019 11:31
Subject:        Next Hyperledger Fabric Application Developer Community call - Thursday Nov 14th @ 4pm UTC (4pm UK) - 11am ET (-5 hrs), 8am PT(-8 hrs)  

dear Fabric Application Developer,

the next  Fabric Application Developer community call is scheduled for this  Thursday Nov 14th @ 4pm UTC (4pm UK) - 11am ET (-5), 8am PT(-8) - see time zones.   It lasts approx 30-60 mins FYI.

The agenda will be posted here -> https://wiki.hyperledger.org/display/fabric/Meeting+Agendas%3A+Fabric+Application+Developer+Community+Call

This community call is held bi-weekly via Zoom webconference and is aimed at :

- helping the worldwide Hyperledger Fabric Application Developer community grow in their development journey (eg. developing applications, smart contracts,  developing application clients, using the SDKs, tutorials/demos etc - eg. spanning NodeJS/TypeScript, Java, Go etc etc) 
- helping App developers understand / hear more about exciting new things in Fabric, eg. features upcoming or work in progress - ie things that appeal to the developer
- to foster more interest, best practices etc in developing applications (eg developing solutions, use cases) with Hyperledger Fabric. 
- opportunity to ask questions of the Fabric team eg. you may have feedback/questions on your experiences developing solutions with Fabric
- to share stuff you've done with the community, eg sample code / sample use cases that others may be interested in

If you wish to share content on a call, just let me know via email direct or DM me on Rocketchat (ID: mahoney1) and I'll put an item on the agenda. Provide the following:
- the topic (state whether its presentation, or demo etc)
- the full name of the presenter, and 
- approx length of your pitch in minutes

The Zoom webconference ID is https://zoom.us/my/hyperledger.community   

More information can be found on the community page -> https://wiki.hyperledger.org/display/fabric/Fabric+Application+Developer+Community+Calls

You can get calendar invites (eg iCal) here

many thanks for your time - feel free to forward this email if you think it is of interest to a colleague.

Paul O'Mahony
Community Lead - Hyperledger Fabric Developer Community
RocketChat:  mahoney1


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