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suresh <tedlasuresh@...>

Hi all,

While Instantiating the chaincode I am getting following Error

2019-10-29 13:14:40.559 UTC [msp.identity] Sign -> DEBU 04a Sign: plaintext: 0ADE080A6708031A0C08C0F6E0ED0510...30300A000A04657363630A0476736363 
2019-10-29 13:14:40.559 UTC [msp.identity] Sign -> DEBU 04b Sign: digest: 2BEDE393711AA4E8F46F56AB235E79EDC7933B5B8FF8610C9ACFFB3B65390612 
Error: could not assemble transaction, err proposal response was not successful, error code 500, msg transaction returned with failure: Attribute 'abac.init' was not found

But I gave abac.init as true Please find below attachment

Name: admin-org0, Type: admin, Affiliation: , Max Enrollments: -1, Attributes: [{Name:hf.GenCRL Value:true ECert:false} {Name:admin Value:true ECert:true} {Name:abac.init Value:true ECert:true} {Name:hf.Registrar.Roles Value:client ECert:false} {Name:hf.Registrar.Attributes Value:* ECert:false} {Name:hf.Revoker Value:true ECert:false} {Name:hf.EnrollmentID Value:admin-org0 ECert:true} {Name:hf.Type Value:admin ECert:true} {Name:hf.Affiliation Value: ECert:true}]

Can anyone help me out regarding this issue