kafka name change (fabric 1.1)

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Expecting you to help us in this R&D task.


4 Kafkas and 3 Zookeepers are distributed in 2 of our servers.  The kafkas' and zookeepers' names are changed. Then, we edited and updated the configurations of all existing channels and also, edited and updated the orderer configuration. After that, we brought up all the containers individually. But, after 5 minutes orderer1 is exiting. And, when we checked the orderer1 logs, we get the following error:

Cannot set up channel consumer = kafka server: The requested offset is outside the range of offsets maintained by the server for the given topic/partition.


Also, when we perform transactions using Fabric Client, the query function is successful but invoke is not working.

We appreciate your help in completing this task.




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Hi Alok.

Check this JIRA