Looking for interesting use cases and their stories

Don Li <lichunshen84@...>

Hi all,

I'm interested in people and companies that have done quite a few or been working on some interesting use cases that leverage the Hyperledger Fabric platform to share their stories.
And it would be nice if they can discuss some of the challenges or unintended discovery or new learning and/or development of cool features or functionality ( more on the chaincode coding side, another way to put it, advanced functionality of chaincode, particularly in Node.js ). 

We know appending textual and/or non-textual data onto a Fabric chain (ledgers on peers) and even creating re-usable code are fairly easy, but for many real world business applications they may be more demanding.  For me, I'd like to anticipate future needs and try to figure out how to solve complex problems before actually working on them, thus, to increase the odds of a successful completion of such a project or at least contribute to it efficiently.

Many thanks.

(Don) Chunshen Li