Chaincode issue

PM <hyperledger@...>

I tested a simple chain code of mine (in Go) which seems to work fine
in "chaincode-docker-devmode" and doing eveything as expected. Now I
want to test the same chaincode in "balance transfer" example.

As far as I can tell, "balance transfer" stores the chain code under
the folder "artifacts/src/", I deleted this
folder and created mine at "artifacts/src/cafe/go" which contains the
new chain code tested earlier. And passing "chain code path" as
"github/cafe/go" from the curl command.

When I instantiate the chaincode on Org-1, I was getting error and upon
inspecting the logs of "dev-peer0.Org1" it seems that the systen is
still instantiating the old chain code which explains the error but
left me more confused. So two questions

1) One explanation is that perhaps there is a compiled binary of old
chain code which may be causing this but I cannot find anything under
the "balance transfer" folder. Any pointers?

2) Is there another way to replace my chaincode in the example?