Re: Single Channel BC network. Is it a good approach?

Nikhil Gupta

Hi NIkos,

Endorsement policiesĀ are based on organizations only, not the number of peers. Once an organization is added to the endorsement policy, they only need to deploy one peer to endorse a transaction, though multiple peers are recommended for high availability.


On Thu, May 6, 2021 at 9:10 AM Nikos Karamolegkos <nkaram@...> wrote:
Also, I am a bit confused with this "Endorsement policy is based on the number of endorsing peers from unique organizations, not the total number peers. For example if you have 10 orgs with 3 peers each, and you need a majority to approve, you'd need at least 6 peers from different organizations to approve." statement.
Can you analyze it more?

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