Re: Update expired orderer org admin certificate and orderer certs #fabric-questions #fabric-orderer #signcerts #fabric

Mattia Bolzonella

Hi Chris,
Thank you again for the reply, I'm going to try what you suggested, for the replacement of the admin certs in the various sections of the config, I do that in one whole update, right?

After doing that (the update configuration for the admin cert), I need to replace the `CORE_PEER_MSPCONFIGPATH` variable of the cli in order to proceed with the cosenters config, am I right?

Now I'm facing a minor problem with my TLS CA, since the tlsca-admin cert is also expired, I will disable temporally the TLS on the CA in order to generate new TLS materials for the cosenters (but on this i dunno how to renew the certs of the tlsca admin, if you have any suggestions these are more than welcome)

I'm going to perform these operation tomorrow, I'll keep you posted, thank you again


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