Kubernetes proposes Hyperledger Fabric

Hakan Eryargi

Dear Hyperledger Fabric Community,

I'd like to introduce Hyperledger Fabric Operator for Kubernetes:

It's a wrapper around our previous work PIVT Helm charts and makes running and operating Hyperledger Fabric in Kubernetes even more easier.

It allows managing the whole HL Fabric network or part of it declaratively through the FabricNetwork CRD (Custom Resource Definition).

In particular it allows to:
  • Configure and launch the whole HL Fabric network or part of it, either:
    • A simple one, one peer per organization and Solo orderer
    • Or scaled up one, multiple peers per organization and Kafka or Raft orderer
  • Populate the network declaratively:
    • Create the channels, join peers to channels, update channels for Anchor peers
    • Install/Instantiate all chaincodes, or some of them, or upgrade them to newer version
  • Add new peer organizations to an already running network declaratively
This work started as an experimental/PoC hobby project of myself, but turned out to be quite complete and functional.

Apologies for the title. As we called the previous work as "Hyperledger Fabric meets Kubernetes", which I truly believe deserves its name, this one felt like a proper continuation :)

Any feedback is more than welcome!


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