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Proposing the interested to join at a Collaborative partnership network to build a Global Digital Healthcare Infrastructure by Integrated Apps & Devices in Hyperledger framework to proceed with a ‘Global Digital Human Coronavirus Harmful Mutants & lineage Control (HCHMC) Program by WHO. They may deploy a local native hybrid cloud server of Digital Cluster Control (DCC) Node with a cluster of 3 to 10 Digitizable Healthcare centres (DH) of Hospitals, Nursing homes, Clinics and Primary Health centres at their preferred locations.  

For more details on this to enrol as a collaborative partner for this project, they may please contact, Department of Research for Health, World Health Organization to participate in this project for the revival of humanity from this pandemic crisis, sustainably. 

Subsequently these collaborative partners may discuss between them at Hyperledger groups and Meetups, to integrate their developments in this framework, by receiving technology resources from that Department while that shall be deployed in CI/CD strategy and on governance by that Department. 

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Yes. You can have multiple fabric users in the CitizenOrg. But, it will bring no benefit because inhabitants will not update the ledger, while it will make the inhabitant-application more complicated.
We could consider the staff-application to have multiple fabric users in the CityOrg. It will enable us to track who updated the ledger and it will not make the staff-application complicated assuming that there will be only several users in the CityOrg.

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