Re: Running same application from multiple users

Nikos Karamolegkos

Nice ideas both. So to be more specific, the CityOrg would have some raspberries as IoT gateways (network) which are receiving sensor measurements (like empty parking positions, temperature, etc) from the end devices. I am thinking of running a fabric application into raspberries (i.e the client application runs in raspberry) to use the smart contracts (chaincode) to write the measurements (or a hash for better memory utilization) to the ledger. I am thinking also running some GW raspberries as peers too (eg. 3-4 PI).  For the CitizenOrg/ValidatorOrg I am thinking to have two applications (running to PCs), one for the citizen to just read the data (I have to think which of your proposed two approaches to follow), and an other application which can change the data to the ledger (e.g set a parking position to unavailable for some reason). Also, the CitizenOrg/ValidatorOrg would have some peer (3 or 4) which will be part of the endorsing policy for writing data to ledger by CityOrg (to avoid the control of the ledger by a single org). I have to think how to deploy the orderers too.

In case an other city want to join the BC network will be a new org with characteristics similar to CityOrg.

Bases on your experience are these all steps a good approach? I am new to BC idea so any other ideas are welcome. We have already build an IoT network with raspberries for GWs (flow: sensor-> gateway->broker->database->ui) and we would like to make the BC part of it

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