Re: Running same application from multiple users

Tsvetan Georgiev

You can have a Fabric user for each citizen with certificate issued by the CitizenOrg. Inside the certificate of each citizen you can add attributes. For example you can add a user ID, user account ID and anything else that may help you do application level access control inside the chaincode - i.e. user role... That way you will know exactly who triggers a transaction as you will have unique fabric user for each application user.
You can use any identity and access management system to manage your user registration, authentication etc. Internally you can have a fabric wallet for each of those users and use it to interact with the network.


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I would make two org for the BC network: CityOrg and CitizenOrg. And register one user for each Org. I would make two applications. One for city staff and one for inhabitants. Every inhabitant in the city will use the inhabitant-application which is a web application and members of the city staff will use the staff-application. If you want to give different user IDs to inhabitants, make a new account system in the inhabitant-application, not in the BC. The inhabitant-application will have only one fabric user in its wallet to access the BC network, while handling thousands of accounts for inhabitants.

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