calling a methods chaincode from a different method in the same chaincode #fabric-chaincode

Marek Malik <info@...>

Hello Guys, 

Just a quick question. 

I have this scenario where I'm calling one method inside a chaincode A (let's say to update some properties based on external factors). Now, these external factors are being returned by a second method inside the same chaincode. I'm trying to call this method using the contract api interface using the Stub (invokeChaincodeWithStringArgs). But I'm getting an error on the execution of that call. Is there any possibility to make such call or there is some limitation and I need to create a new chaincode for that second method?

I have encapsulation inside the chaincode, so the two methods are being executed in two different services that are not linked with each other. I. would like to keep things that way, so if there are some


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