Re: Problematic raspberry support

Matthew Sykes

I had some time this morning so I played around with the peer image created on linux/aarch64 (linux/arm64). To get to the bottom of why the program was dying during initialization, I commented out all of the code in the peer main and slowly added back in the package imports until I hit the segfault again. I went to the package introducing the problem and repeated the process until I got to the bottom.

After running down the tree, the package that caused the problem was `plugin’ and the only import left in Fabric is from ``. It looks like plugins work with glibc (the native builds and tests seem fine) so it has something to do with musl.

I’ll put together a PR to enable builds without plugins some time today. After that’s in, the images built with alpine and musl should work on linux/aarch64 (linux/arm64). It’s still not something we’ll be testing and supporting at this time but it may unblock your efforts.

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