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Nikhil Gupta


The signature policy approach would probably be the best one, though you can still try to use the implicit meta policies by either defining a new organization signature policy or removing the admin policy from certain orgs (though that later one may be rejected as not an option). There is a policy specific channel tutorial that helps take you through these issues: Channel policies — hyperledger-fabricdocs master documentation (


On Fri, Mar 12, 2021 at 7:02 PM Carlos Eduardo Matos Ellery <carlos.ellery@...> wrote:

These permissions are defined by the channel policies on the configtx.yaml used for the channel creation. By default, only the majority of Orgs can commit admin changes to a channel. See:

If you want that only a specific Org have admin privileges, than you may change the default policy from:

      Type: ImplicitMeta
      Rule: "MAJORITY Admins"


      Type: Signature
      Rule: "OR('YourOrg.admin')"

If the channel is already created, than you'll have to make a config change. That is a bit tricky procedure, and you'll have to get the signature of the majority of admins to commit the change. See:
Carlos Eduardo Matos Ellery
Em 08/03/2021 11:59, Mattia Bolzonella escreveu:
Hi all,
I have question about adding an org to a channel. I'm not sure if the vanilla procedure for adding a new organization involves that the latter organization will be an admin of the channel.

In my network I have the need to add organizations to a channel without adding those orgs as admins, it is possible?

Following that, is there a procedure to demote a channel-admin org to be simply a participant of the channel without any admin privilede?

Thanks in advance,

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