Re: One ledger backup for many orderers

Vitalii Demianets

Hi Carlos!

Our company (norbloc) is currently actively working on preparing a draft RFC for the orderer ledger pruning feature. This is not exactly what you are asking for (ledger snapshot for orderers), but maybe you do not need a snapshot?
From what I understand, you actually are looking for the faster sync-up of a new orderer, and this will be a part of the RFC, but not exactly implemented through the snapshot feature. What we are drafting is the ability to specify a "start block" when joining the channel, so that a new orderer will have only to sync up with the blocks higher than the specified "start block".
We are not planning to include a "snapshot" feature to the RFC, because ordereres unlike peers do not keep state db, so for them a snapshot is essentially the last config block, so in a sense orderers already have a "snapshot" feature.

Also it is worth noting that this "pruning" feature with "stat block" option on join channel command is supposed to work only with the latest architecture without a system channel. At the moment we do not consider supporting system channel architecture for this feature.  

We are open to any suggestions regarding this feature. Hopefully we will publish the first draft RFC soon.

// Vitalii @ norbloc AB

On Sat, Mar 13, 2021 at 2:37 AM Carlos Eduardo Matos Ellery <carlos.ellery@...> wrote:

I've seen on the docs that is possible to use a peer's ledger backup to expedite the addition of new peers. Is it possible to do the same with orderers? If I have a cluster of 3 orderers, should I have to backup all three ledgers or may I save space and backup only one ledger?

Carlos Eduardo Matos Ellery

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