Transaction ID Mismatch

Tomás Peixinho

Good evening everybody,

so as I was trying to check the transaction IDs of the transactions that I'm performing, I came across something that I'm not understanding. In my code, I'm trying to compare the transaction IDs from the events that I'm listening to (using the BlockInfo, as someone suggested to me previously in a different question I had, and then getting the correct EnvelopeInfo and finally using the getTransactionID method) with the transaction IDs that I get from the ProposalResponses that I get whenever I execute a transaction from the client side (this is all using the Java SDK, by the way). But apparently these tx IDs don't seem to match up. Is this normal, or am I doing something wrong? Are these transaction IDs supposed to be different from each other, depending on which part of the transaction flow I'm looking at (the IDs from the transaction in the events and the IDs in the transaction proposal response)?

Thanks in advance


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