Unable to use private key obtained from Azure Key Vault. #fabric-ca #fabric-ca-client #fabric-sdk-node #fabric


Hi Team, 

We were investigating to use Azure Key Vault to provide for our wallet services.
The CSR, Private and Public Key is basically generated by the Vault and saved securely in the same location.
The KeyCurving used is P-256 and the Key Format is ECDSA. Using this CSR we did the enrollment for Admin and paired it to the key generated by Azure vault. Using this admin identity when we tried to register a new user It threw the below error:

[crypto_ecdsa_aes]: createKeyFromRaw - Failed to parse key from PEM:  message=not supported argument, stack=Error: not supported argument

at Object.KEYUTIL.getKey (C:\Users\h383184\projects\key-vault-openshift-poc\node_modules\jsrsasign\lib\jsrsasign.js:246:12630)

But the same operation works fine while using an existing private key generated using Cryptosuite.

Would need you help in troubleshooting this issue.

Attaching the cert and key for which we face this issue Below:

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