Hyperledger Fabric Gerrit Archive

Brett T Logan <development.brett@...>

Hello Fabric Community,

When we migrated off Gerrit to GitHub we took a snapshot of the existing state of the Hyperledger Gerrit Server. I converted all of the Gerrit Change Requests and their conversation history into markdown and stored them on GitHub. We just transferred this repository to the `hyperledger-archives` at: https://github.com/hyperledger-archives/fabric-gerrit

The structure of the repository is based on the Gerrit Change Request number, if you are searching for a specific Gerrit CR to look up the history of a change from Jira, the mailing list, or somewhere else you can drill down into the particular repo you need, and then select the folder that identifies the corresponding CR number and then the markdown file for that CR. For example: https://github.com/hyperledger-archives/fabric-gerrit/blob/master/fabric-lib-go/27119-34395/27119.md

This should stand as the source of truth for any historical references to Gerrit that no longer have valid links due to the server being turned off last year.

Thank you,

Brett Logan

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