Re: Deploying Orderer and OrgPeers on different cloud/datacenter

Tsvetan Georgiev

Hi T. Pechimuthu,

In real network deployments, the participating parties/organizations will be managing their own nodes on their own infrastructures (likely on a cloud provider and data center of their choice).
That means the ordering service and the peers will have to connect over internet and of course TLS is essentially required. Even a single organization may use different data canters and different cloud providers to host and operate their nodes.

Yes... having a network of nodes running on different data centers is to be expected in production deployments. This includes that the ordering service nodes may be well distributed across different data centers.

Regarding the ports... There is no limitation from HLF perspective what ports to be used. Depending on the organization internal IT guidelines it may be required for example to use only port 443.  Please note that your internal network design will define how you implement and manage the incoming traffic on those external port(s) to your HLF nodes.

Hope I managed to help you.


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So far we have deployed fabric network in Kubernetes cluster which is established on single Data center ( ie. single IP segment)

Fabric network details:  
a) Orderers  (5 orderer,1 CA , 1 CLI),
b) Org1Peers ( 2 Peers, 2 Couchdb, 2CLI, 1CA, ClientApplication), 
c) Org2Peers ( 2 Peers, 2 Couchdb, 2CLI, 1CA, ClientApplication)

Is that  recoemended  to deploy  Orderers, Org1Peers, Org2Peers   on Three different Datacenters ? Letsay DC1, DC2, DC3.

DC1: Orderers
DC2: Org1Peers,
DC2: Org2Peers.

If the above is recoemended,  then what are and howmany  the ports  have to be opened between    DC1, DC2, DC3 ?
Please suggest wether such disribution of orderers and peers to different Datacenter is correct or not ?

Thanks and Regards,
T. Pechimuthu



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