Deploying Orderer and OrgPeers on different cloud/datacenter

Pechimuthu T


So far we have deployed fabric network in Kubernetes cluster which is established on single Data center ( ie. single IP segment)

Fabric network details:  
a) Orderers  (5 orderer,1 CA , 1 CLI),
b) Org1Peers ( 2 Peers, 2 Couchdb, 2CLI, 1CA, ClientApplication), 
c) Org2Peers ( 2 Peers, 2 Couchdb, 2CLI, 1CA, ClientApplication)

Is that  recoemended  to deploy  Orderers, Org1Peers, Org2Peers   on Three different Datacenters ? Letsay DC1, DC2, DC3.

DC1: Orderers
DC2: Org1Peers,
DC2: Org2Peers.

If the above is recoemended,  then what are and howmany  the ports  have to be opened between    DC1, DC2, DC3 ?
Please suggest wether such disribution of orderers and peers to different Datacenter is correct or not ?

Thanks and Regards,
T. Pechimuthu



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