Re: Weird "panic: runtime error" after multiple transactions

David Enyeart

You would need to provide the full stack trace from the panic message in order to troubleshoot.

Dave Enyeart

"Tomás Peixinho" ---02/10/2021 01:34:13 PM---Good afternoon fellow colleagues, I'm developing an application using Hyperledger Fabric and I've fo

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Subject: [EXTERNAL] [Hyperledger Fabric] Weird "panic: runtime error" after multiple transactions
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Good afternoon fellow colleagues, I'm developing an application...
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Good afternoon fellow colleagues,

I'm developing an application using Hyperledger Fabric and I've found a weird error that I'm not sure how to fix.

I'm running everything on just one machine, with two orgs, one peer on each, and one orderer. My application receives a file with multiple lines (right now, around 5000), which correspond to one transaction each (technically, two transactions each, because I have to do a query by partial key, and then a separate transaction for the actual update, as per recommendation of Dave Enyart, from a previous question of mine). So, 5000 lines, around 10000 transactions. They are being handled concurrently using threads. And the peers are being alternated, so that one doesn't happen to take all the load, while the other does nothing.

My problem now is that it usually ends with one of the peers randomly crashing with an Exit Code 2, and the logs from that peer saying "panic: runtime error: invalid memory address or nil pointer dereference". I say randomly because it can happen after a 1000 lines (2000 transactions) or 4000 lines (8000 transactions), which is what I find weird!

I've read that it could be because of problems with certificates or with misconfigured paths for them, but I feel that if that were the case, it would happen much sooner, or actually right at the start.

My question now is (and I know that I haven't provided much information or any logs, and that it's difficult to find the problem like this) if there is any obvious situation in which this might happen? Or if there are a few cases that might lead to this error? Something that might point me in the right direction of what I need to be looking at to see if I have any configuration problems. Or could it simply be a problem of my physical machine? Could it be just a memory problem, which crashes the peer if the traffic gets too heavy?

These errors are really not obvious sometimes, and I was just wondering if someone might have some insight as to what the problem might be, based on previous experiences or something.

Thanks in advance


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