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Hi Tsvetan,
Thanks for that clarification. In fact, that is our ideology also where we're saying participating organisations joining the network can decide whether or not they want to run their own infra... we're expecting the network will eventually become decentralised over a period of time gradually as more organizations get ability to manage their own nodes and infra.

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Samyak Jain

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Hi Samyak Jain,

My last point is regarding the technical network layer (not the fabric network). Let's assume there are multiple organizations that each has  fabric nodes. From technical networking perspective you may use for example a k8s cluster to orchestrate all those fabric nodes of all organizations. However that means your k8s cluster becomes the centralized component in your overall network design. That also means whoever controls the k8s cluster has control over all fabric nodes regardless what organization they belong to. Furthermore if your k8s goes down the whole fabric network (all nodes) goes down - k8s is the single point of failure.
For example the opposite  is that every organization has dedicated k8s cluster(s) running its own fabric nodes on their own cloud provider where the fabric nodes connected on a fabric channel communicate on internet over tls. That case you have no single point of failure. 



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Hi Tsvetan, Thanks for such a detailed explanation, however, I don't fully comprehend your last point. Can you elaborate further on that? If it is not a single network, then how does it make sense to onboard different participants if they need to share data across each other? Also, how does the concept of trust get established if the network itself is isolated by particiapnts?

Thanks, Samyak Jain

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