Re: Query for proposed chaincode definitions

Nikhil Gupta

HI Carlos,

You cannot query the definitions that have been approved by other organizations. However, you can use the checkcommitreadiness command peer lifecycle chaincode — hyperledger-fabricdocs master documentation ( to see which organizations have approved a given definition.


On Mon, Feb 1, 2021 at 8:34 AM Carlos Eduardo Matos Ellery <carlos.ellery@...> wrote:

Is there any way to query for chaincode definitions approved by other Orgs on the channel? If not, are there any technical/security limitations for this?

We would like to know if, just as we can sign a configtx proposal from other Orgs, we could approve a chaincode definition created by another Org. It would be nice not having to exchange chaincode definitions out of band.

Carlos Eduardo Matos Ellery

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