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Hi all,

There is quite a bit of activity going on now re "immunity passports", or better stated "vaccination records" like the digital yellow card you've long used to be able to get certain visas, enter certain countries, or even enroll kids in schools, etc. There are many people now building on top of the standards Hyperledger projects like Indy and Aries long championed - DIDs, Verifiable Credentials, etc. There are some hard and some still unresolved questions about how to do this at the scale of billions of users, the degree of privacy protection desired (which differs country by country), and the ability to revoke credentials (in case, worse of all possible worlds/cases, a batch of vaccines was spoiled before people noticed, etc). There's a community that's been working on these issues since April called the Covid Creds Initiative, who as of last month are now part of the Linux Foundation Public Health project. LFPH is now looking for code bases that implement wallets to hold credentials, or other software that could be used to issue or verify credentials, in a vaccination or test result or other public health context. My hope is we find a way to make these systems interoperable, so that one doesn't need multiple credentials for different contexts - your vax receipt from the clinic in California should allow you to attend a concert in Arizona, or board a plane to the UK and attend a concert there. That use case presumes interop at a couple of different layers, up to how the health authorities in different regions coordinate to trust each others' issued creds. IMHO that should build on top of the TrustOverIP model, which allows for different kinds of underlying "utility network" layers to be used, so hopefully we can get interop even when talking about different networks like the below and different vendors.

Back to Nathan's question, in addition to the one below I've heard of a couple that use Fabric as an underlying ledger for PKI, such as IBM's Health Pass. 


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   There are some solutions out there along these lines, including our partner Vottun’s PROOF OF HEALTH CREDENTIALS built on Fabric and available on Oracle Blockchain Platform, but could also be deployed on a multi-vendor/multi-cloud network of Fabric nodes.  There are other efforts focused on sharing testing & vaccination status gaining attention: e.g., Common Trust Network sponsored by WEF, but it doesn’t appear to leverage blockchain technology.




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Subject: [Hyperledger Fabric] Fabric for Covid-19 Immunity Passports on Fabric deployed on multi-cloud (aws, azure, gcp)


Hi everyone,


Has anyone explored the use of fabric for covid-19 immunity passports purposes?


These peer nodes could be setup and managed by the various governments, the WHO, etc.


Once vaccinated, your details will be inputted into ledger. You could then be issued with a qr code. At the border, upon departure, you could present the qr code to customs. The qr code will then be verified against your passport details etc.


To ensure that the solution can be truly, truly resilient, the setup should be deployed on multi-cloud in all regions of the world and zones possible.


However, assuming the above can be achieved technically, the most pertinent question remains unanswered: how (1) scalable and (2) secure will this be? 


Given that all cross border travellers in the world will need be verified -- can fabric meet such rigorous and stringent requirements?


Anyone, any thoughts?


Thank you.




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