Re: Unable to Query data from Hyperledger Fabric #couchdb #fabric-chaincode #hyperledger-fabric


Hi David,

The chaincode is performing a select query on the CouchDB documents, and the fields set for filtering the results are indexed while installing and instantiating the chaincode. The single query using the Fabric Node SDK client might be reading around 20K-30K records. 

We tried by overriding the peer configuration for following default values with the new values: "CORE_CHAINCODE_EXECUTETIMEOUT=300s" and CORE_PEER_KEEPALIVE_CLIENT_TIMEOUT=300s". We also tried with the SDK connection profile using a property:  "grpc.keepalive_timeout_ms": "300000"

So I am not understanding, what we could be missing here. Because the other chaincodes in same channel are able to query the maximum limit of 100K records!

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