Operations Smart Contract for Hyperledger Fabric v2.x

Sato, Tatsuya



We just released the first version of Operations Smart Contract (OpsSC) for Hyperledger Fabric v2.x.

This is a smart contract-based system operation tool for Hyperledger Fabric-based systems,

which aims to enable efficient decentralized system operations across multiple organizations.


The current version will help make the following end-to-end operational workflows more efficient:

  - Chaincode operations: Streamline typical chaincode deployment process

    (download, package, install, approve and commit a chaincode)

  - Channel operations: Streamline typical channel configuration updates process across multiple organizations

    (e.g., creating a channel, adding an organization, adding an orderer etc.)


Please see the following repository for more information.




We would like to contribute to the Fabric community with this OpsSC.

As the first step, we want to start this as a "hyperledger-labs" project.

So, we are looking for a sponsor who could help us open a repository in hyperledger-labs.


Also, if possible, we would like to introduce this OpsSC in the contributor meeting.


Thank you for your attention.




Tatsuya Sato


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