Re: Invoking qscc from client SDK (V2.0) #fabric-sdk-node #qscc

Adhav Pavan

Hello Tingli,

I have verified with fabric v2.2 and it works fine.

We can invoke any qscc from fabric-network sdk.

Thank you.

Heartfelt Regards,

Pavan Adhav
Blockchain Developer, Infinichains
phone:  8390114357
email:  pavan@...
Please excuse my brevity.

On Thu, Dec 3, 2020 at 8:56 AM <tingli_huoh@...> wrote:
Hi Nicholas,
It shows in my package.json with "fabric-network": "^2.1.0".
Also, thanks for the helpful info!

Hi Brett,
I see. Thanks for the information. Then I will try it out and get back...

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