Re: Fabric Orderer Doesn't Recognize Org Admin Signature

Bryan Matsuo

After more investigation and local experimentation the problem seems to stem from the network not having the v1_4_3 channel capabilities enabled (only v1_4_2), despite the crypto-config for the added org having NodeOUs enabled. It seems this has led to the network not recognizing the org2 certificate with the admin OU as support for Node OUs is part of the v1_4_3 capability set.

Is there a way to fix this given that the network only has two orgs? It seems that updating the capabilities for the channel or manipulating the network MSP structure is not possible because it would require a majority where the second org's signature will not be recognized.

On the other hand is there a way to recreate the network without the capability mismatch while retaining the application data from the existing channel?


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