Re: HLF Explorer fails to connect to the peer #fabric-questions #blockchain-explorer #fabric-kubernetes

nekia <atsushin@...>


Thank you for reporting your issue. Hyperledger Explorer Group is right place where sharing this issue.

This 'connection failure' issue has been reported in hyperledger explorer channel. I'm not sure this issue also has same root cause, but it's worthwhile to try the following step to update Explorer image on your local.

There were the following concurrent tx issue (FABN-1646) on fabric-sdk-node v2.2.2 which Explorer is using. It's been resolved in the latest package v2.2.3 but this revision has introduced another issue (FABN-1663) which is critical for Explorer. The fix for this issue has not been released yet, but you can still use the latest snapshot package (2.2.4-snapshot.7).

cd /some/where/blockchain-explorer
# update rev of fabric-network package
npm install fabric-network@2.2.4-snapshot.7
# rebuild Explorer container image
./ -e
# apply this image into your runtime


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