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Matthew White

Hello - 
The 'submitTransaction' function takes and array of parameters. In this case the transaction function has a single parameter, but it's an array. 
So you need to pass a single element array to 'submitTransaction', with the only element being the  ["v1", "v2"]
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In the chaincode (in Golang) I have the following function:
func (s *SmartContract) f(ctx contractapi.TransactionContextInterface, arr []string) error { /* function details */ }
When I attempt to call this function via the Node.js SDK,
contract.submitTransaction('f', my_array);
where my_array equals ["v1", "v2"]. I get the following error
message=Error managing parameter param0. Conversion error. Value v1,v2 was not passed in expected format []string
What should be the right way to invoke the chaincode function via the SDK?
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