Calculation of chaincode package ID in v2.2.x #fabric-questions #externalbuilders #fabric


Hi Team, I was trying to identify how is the chaincode package id calculated in HLF v2.2.x. More specifically, I understand that when dependencies change, the package ID would change too, for same package label.

However, I was facing an issue while following this guide to generate a package for "external chaincode service". If we see, the contents of package in this case are not likely to change for given "chaincode package label". Given that, I am not using CouchDB indexes in the package for now, whenever I delete and recreate the package, ideally the installation should be give me "same package id" on different peers. I am confused, because installing the package in this case (on re-creating package for different peers) is giving me different package IDs.

Given that I might not want to install chaincode package on all the peers I am running (at the same time), and I would also not like to store the packages in a place, given I can dynamically generate it before running `peer lifecycle chaincode install` command - I expect that because the contents are not going to change for a particular chaincode package label (or neither the environment is changing), why would the package ID be different?

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