Re: Deployment of #fabric from source? #fabric

Nikhil Gupta


The Fabric deployment guide would be the best place to start:


On Fri, Oct 2, 2020 at 9:15 AM <100prozentkoscher@...> wrote:

Dear all!

I have worked myself through the HL Fabric Samples and developed some of my own Chaincode/Client applications. 

What's the next step from this point? How to find a well documented tutorial on how to use the original sources instead of the fabric-samples repo?

Similarly I couldn't find useful tutorials on the setup of the docker-files by myself. Generally the fabric-samples does provide a pretty good structure on how Docker is used, but until now I haven't managed to write even a simple configuration by myself. Most of the time the self-written docker-files failed with rather cryptic errors. The available guides are either covering the possibilities too detailed or too superficial.

Are there any public repositories that show a HL Fabric deployment how it would be done in the real world? Or any tutorial dealing with deployment in production?

Thank you!
Velly Susanto

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