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Unfortunately, the comm layer is one of the most difficult pieces to debug. Can you use `openssl` to take a look at your TLS certificate, make sure everything looks good in there. Quite often users don't mention the correct IP/FQDN in the CN or SANS fields of the certificate, make sure you've mentioned your servers static IP (referenced below) in the SANS section.
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Yes. Both the fields are set to true.
Sathyanarayanan S

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Unfortunately, the traceback doesn't really shed any light on the situation as almost all errors invoking chaincode will show the same stack.
Did you set 'tls_required' and 'client_auth_required' to true in the 'connection.json' provided to the peer?
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Hi Folks,
I have some trouble while peer communicates with the chaincode server with TLS enabled. I am providing a summary of what I did.
  • Created two CAs: chaincodeserverCA, peerClientCA
  • Created a private key called 'server.key' and created a certificate 'server.cert' signed by chaincodeserverCA
  • Created a private key called 'peer.key'  and created a certificate 'peer.cert' signed by peerClientCA
  • started the chaincode server with the following TLS settings
    • Key: contents of server.key
    • Cert: contents of server.cert
    • ClientCACerts: peerClientCA's root certificate
  • Installed a package with release build creating a connection.json such that
    • client_key: peer.key
    • client_cert: peer.cert
    • root_cert: chaincodeserverCA's root certificate
When invoking the chaincode with above configuration, I am getting the following error from peer CLI:
Error: endorsement failure during invoke. response: status:500 message:"error in simulation: failed to execute transaction b7378fa2692d3e1c2d9382a61c6683a58a2ad20751aaf933abd5a3d2457b9c72: could not launch chaincode fabcar:a3a073275963170781ec9b80185758f7e4b65c968bda9430475b9b39dd5cf2f1: connection to fabcar:a3a073275963170781ec9b80185758f7e4b65c968bda9430475b9b39dd5cf2f1 failed: error cannot create connection for fabcar:a3a073275963170781ec9b80185758f7e4b65c968bda9430475b9b39dd5cf2f1: error creating grpc connection to failed to create new connection: context deadline exceeded"
The peer logs are like this:
2020-09-24 10:31:47.480 UTC [endorser] callChaincode -> INFO 05c finished chaincode: marbles duration: 10001ms channel=mychannel txID=b7378fa2
2020-09-24 10:31:47.480 UTC [endorser] SimulateProposal -> ERRO 05d failed to invoke chaincode marbles, error: context deadline exceeded
failed to create new connection
error creating grpc connection to
error cannot create connection for fabcar:a3a073275963170781ec9b80185758f7e4b65c968bda9430475b9b39dd5cf2f1
connection to fabcar:a3a073275963170781ec9b80185758f7e4b65c968bda9430475b9b39dd5cf2f1 failed
could not launch chaincode fabcar:a3a073275963170781ec9b80185758f7e4b65c968bda9430475b9b39dd5cf2f1
failed to execute transaction b7378fa2692d3e1c2d9382a61c6683a58a2ad20751aaf933abd5a3d2457b9c72
        /usr/local/go/src/runtime/asm_amd64.s:1357 channel=mychannel txID=b7378fa2
2020-09-24 10:31:47.480 UTC [comm.grpc.server] 1 -> INFO 05e unary call completed grpc.service=protos.Endorser grpc.method=ProcessProposal grpc.peer_address= grpc.code=OK grpc.call_duration=10.003026s
The chaincode invoke works perfectly fine if I disable the TLS.
Any pointers on this will be really helpful. Please let me know where I am going wrong.
Sathyanarayanan S



Matthew Sykes

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