Re: fabric-javaenv:2.2.0 image for arm architecture #fabric-chaincode

Brett T Logan <brett.t.logan@...>

As Gari pointed out, the reason for the failing build is that protoc-gen does not have a native binary for arm64. With no promises it'll work here is an image you can try: btl5037/fabric-javaenv:2.2.0-arm64
In order to build I needed to compile both protobuf and protoc-gen on the host arm64 machine since the `./gradlew buildImage` command first builds the protos outside of Docker, and then modify the Dockerfile to either mount your local maven repo for google protoc-gen or rebuild protobuf and protoc-gen inside the container that builds the java-shim and the shim also requires the dep.
As I said, no promises it'll work as I didn't test the iamge myself, and I had to bump the gRPC version to deal with another issue I had building protoc-gen without having to dig into the failure. If you'd like more information on the build process so you can do it yourself (and attempt to do it on gRPC 1.23) reach out to me on RocketChat (username BrettLogan)
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Does anyone have the image fabric-javaenv for version 2.2.0 for arm architecture to send me?
Thanks in advance.

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