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 I have the same feeling as your reply 。 But in the  blockchain-application-using-fabric-java-sdk  I change the language of  chaincode from golang to java  making no sense 。

In practice , there is always using the  golang  language of chaincode to deploy  and  initiate the chaincode on  the  channel  from fabric network。

the chaincode project on the  fabric samples: 

the   following is  my own  chaincode  project (learning from the github):

Hello - that really does look like it's still trying to use GO rather than Java Chaincode. 

I would suggest at you look at the Fabric-Samples github repo or the IBM Blockchain VSExtension tutorials... 

There may well be something in that repo isn't quite correct... it's not normally a java app that deploys chaincode for example. 
Will have to look at the repo to determine what it's doing...

Thanks Matthew

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