Re: Fabric v1.1, v1.2, v1.3 documentation

Brian Behlendorf <bbehlendorf@...>

On 9/1/20 9:03 PM, Joe Alewine wrote:
Is there any data available about people actually running production networks on these unsupported versions? I would be interested to see that.

There's a thread long ago I could dig up, where I noted that we don't currently have any sort of run-time usage analytics (that I know of anyways) for Fabric or any other Hyperledger projects. If I'm wrong let me know. This zero-knowledge is clearly a good thing from a privacy, security, and principle-of-least-astonishment point of view. Do we want to think about adding some sort of telematics? Even a "I'm alive - is there a new version?" kind of network query? Opt-in?


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