Unable to fetch private data from peers (Empty membership) and can't commit new transactions - Hyperledged Fabric 1.4.6


Hello everyone. I got a problem with an 1.4.6 Fabric network with a network (27 peers and 5 orderers) where there is one peer (anchor peer) in an Organization that stopped commiting transactions. I can't understand why it started showing this message without any updates on the network, but it was working normally before that.

The message is:

2020-08-26 19:56:35.147 UTC [gossip.privdata] fetchPrivateData -> WARN fc2 Do not know any peer in the channel( xxxx ) that matches the policies , aborting
2020-08-26 19:56:35.147 UTC [gossip.privdata] fetchFromPeers -> WARN fc3 Failed fetching private data for block 743444 from peers: Empty membership
2020-08-26 19:56:36.149 UTC [gossip.privdata] fetchPrivateData -> WARN fc4 Do not know any peer in the channel( xxxx ) that matches the policies , aborting

I know we should have other peers configured to disseminate the pvt data, but unfortunately we didn't did it and now i need to find a way to make this peer work again. All the others 26 are fine and they all have the same config (changing only the Organization). Can anyone help me to find a way to just make this peer accept and commit new transaction even if it causes some of the pvt data to be lost ?

We've already tried to update the chaincode of this specific channel and while all the 26 peers confirmed the upgrade and are OK, this specific one still returns with the older version when we issue "peer chaincode list --instantiated channel".

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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