Re: Why should organization not be both orderer and peer?

Bram Dufour <bram.dufour8@...>

Hi Si Chen, I think it was only the case for the Kafka orderer in earlier versions, in which only one org could run the Kafka ordering service.
With the raft orderer implementation, you can have a cross-organizational orderer cluster and so different orgs can have an orderer and be an application channel organization at the same time without problems.
With raft, for latency the orderer cluster shouldn't be that big though, so you can let some organizations that have the technical and financial capacity run their orderer (like miners in Bitcoin) and have other organizations only run peers (like full nodes in Bitcoin).
But like this, organizations can have orderers and application peers without problems, so I think it would be good to check the ordering service with raft and the newer Fabric versions v2.2, because the link you sent is still from v1.4 I see...

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