Removed Databases, can't reset #fabric #couchdb


I was testing out the database capabilities and effects on changes in the fabric-samples. (fabcar)
In a trial run I've removed all databases and all data from both couchdb-Docker instances. Everything was still fine - yet I could still query my data. (which brings me to my first question, what's the purpose of both couchdb-Dockers if even, if everything is removed everything seems to still work fine)

Strangely, by itself it wouldn't reset the data, also no warning in logspout. Also not after a restart of the containers.

So I've removed all Docker-Images of all Hyperleder and couchdb I had (docker rmi ...) and rebuild it from scratch. Strangely both couchdb databases are still empty. Deleted the firefox-cache, same

I wonder if the data is stored somewhere else by default? According to the core.yaml and the docker-compose-couch.yaml it shouldn't be the case. Is there something else to reset or remove?

Thank you

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