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This is really great. Also, anyone out there looking for a pathway to becoming a contributor into Fabric, working on examples (or perhaps creating some new ones) could be a good approach.

One question, Dave or anyone else - I tried looking in the Fabric RFCs repo for anything related to "token", to see if there'd been any work on a successor to FabToken. We keep fielding interest from companies and journalists, particularly around CBDC usage, and there's quite a few news reports of late regarding stablecoin efforts involving Fabric. I know it's long been possible to accomplish this with chaincode; do any of these new samples represent an approach to implementing stablecoins? Or is there further work on a next gen to FabToken that hasn't yet been proposed as an RFC?

Relatedly, have you or has anyone else heard of any moves to implement a compiler (or otherwise support) the Token Taxonomy Framework's token lifecycle descriptions in chaincode?


On 8/10/20 2:25 PM, David Enyeart wrote:

The Fabric samples have recently had a big overhaul with the introduction of the asset transfer samples and tutorials series. The Samples Workgroup is finishing out some of the tutorials and client applications, but they are far enough along that it is a good time to check out the new materials and provide any feedback.

Overview from the README:

The asset transfer series provides a series of sample smart contracts and applications to demonstrate how to store and transfer assets using Hyperledger Fabric. Each sample and associated tutorial in the series demonstrates a different core capability in Hyperledger Fabric.
The Basic sample provides an introduction on how to write smart contracts and how to interact with a Fabric network using the Fabric SDKs.
The Ledger queries, Private data, and State-based endorsement samples demonstrate these additional capabilities.
Finally, the Secured agreement sample demonstrates how to bring all the capabilities together to securely transfer an asset in a more realistic transfer scenario.

More information in the README including links to each of the samples and tutorials:

We welcome your feedback here or in a Samples Workgroup meeting:

Hyperledger Fabric Samples Workgroup

When: Tuesdays 10am US Eastern / 14:00 UTC



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